Monterey County

Monterey carjacking turns into SWAT standoff in Salinas

Two arrested following SWAT situation

SWAT standoff in Salinas Friday night

SALINAS, Calif. - The SWAT team  tried to coax a carjacking suspect out of a home on Lupin Drive off East Bernal Drive Friday night.

Helicopters were seen flying overhead, scouring the neighborhood with its bright light.

Monterey police say it all started when three individuals carjacked a person in New Monterey Friday afternoon at gunpoint.  

Two of the suspects took off in the vehicle for Salinas.  The third suspect, a female, stayed behind and was arrested. 

Police believed that the other two suspects were barricaded inside a home in North Salinas. One of the suspects was eventually arrested, but police continued to try to coax out the other with tear gas.

Police were on scene since 6 p.m., but SWAT did not enter the residence until after 1 a.m.  This is when they discovered that the house was vacant.

One suspect remains at large.

All three suspects are known to law enforcement.

Monterey and Salinas police, along with SWAT,  were all on the scene during the incident.

The carjacking victim told officers he sustained minor injuries.

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