Monterey County

Monterey County man arrested for threatening father, driving drunk

MOSS LANDING, Calif. - Monterey County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man in Moss Landing for drunken-driving after he reportedly threatened to turn his father and another person into fishing bait.

According to Sgt. Keith Wingo, Scott Michael Parish is accused of leaving two voice mail messages at a local business in which he threatened to turn the victim into "chum" because he had been a witness in a court case that led to Parish's arrest.

The details of that case weren't immediately available.

Parish allegedly also left messages threatening to cut his own father up and turn him into fishing bait. Parish's father works at the same business where he'd left the previous threatening messages, Wingo said.

Parish was arrested Tuesday while driving in Moss Landing. Deputies said he appeared to be driving under the influence, though he refused to partake in field sobriety tests. Deputies also found him in possession of prescription painkillers without a prescription, marijuana and open containers of alcohol.

Parish was arrested on suspicion of making threats over the telephone, driving under the influence, illegally possessing prescription narcotics and marijuana, and driving with open containers of alcohol.

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