Monterey County

Monterey man convicted of trying to arrange woman's sexual assault

SALINAS, California. - A Monterey County man has been convicted of trying to arrange for his friend to have non-consensual sexual relations with a woman he'd met at a night club.

Edward James Montoya, 26, was found guilty by jury of conspiracy to commit a sexual battery and destruction of evidence. Another man, 24-year-old David McClintic, pleaded no contest to sexual battery four days after the trial began.

Prosecutors said McClintic met a 24-year-old King City woman at a Cannery Row nightclub and she agreed to go to with him to Montoya's home.

McClintic subsequently texted his friend to arrange for the non-consensual sexual assault of the victim.  Montoya entered the bedroom where the woman was in bed waiting for McClintic, and tried to engage in sexual activity with her. She immediately saw it was not McClintic and began to scream. She called for help and her friend arrived to rescue her.

Montoya faces up to three years in prison when he is sentenced July 8. McClintic faces a year in jail.

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