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More details emerge in ongoing King City investigations

Former chief pleads not guilty to perjury charges

Moving forward in King City

KING CITY, Calif. - New details continue to emerge in the ongoing investigations involving the King City Police Department and city officials.

Wednesday afternoon, former King City Police Chief Nick Baldiviez pleaded not guilty to perjury charges. He's alleged to have lied under oath during his preliminary hearing regarding charges of embezzlement and perjury stemming from the transfer of a patrol car to fellow police Officer Mario Mottu. Mottu also faces charges.

Thomas Worthington, Baldiviez's attorney, said his client didn't have the proper email documents to refresh his memory on the stand referring to events that happened years ago.

"We've been trying to reconstruct what happened based on the memories of human memories and human memories fade," Worthington told reporters after the arraignment. 

Tuesday night, City Manager Michael Powers told residents who attended the city council meeting that he did not eavesdrop.

His statements come after Monterey County investigators allegedly found evidence of wire-tapping from Powers' phone at city hall. Those details were contained in a search warrant served in May by Monterey County investigators but only recently unsealed for public viewing.

In a letter he wrote to residents, Powers said "I have never intentionally tried to listen in to a conversation on the phone or other devices.  I was in disbelief when this was alleged."

According to the warrant -- which can be read in its entirety by clicking here -- investigators believe Powers started listening to confidential conversations during the investigation into the alleged towing scheme.

Baldiviez and Mottu have not been charged in connection with the alleged towing scam that prosecutors have accused some of their colleagues to have been involved with.

Trials for some of the arrested officers are set to begin in November. 

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