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More than $4k in supplies stolen from Greenfield Little League

Last week marked third time it has been robbed this year

Thieves hit Greenfield Little league team, again

GREENFIELD, Calif. - A local Little League is calling on the community for help after someone broke into their concession building and stole more than $4,000 in equipment, cash and supplies.

The first time it was broken into was before the season started.  Burglars ripped off a metal door, but left with nothing because the concession stand wasn't stocked.

The Greenfield Little League's concession stand, the Snack Shack, was forcibly broken into on April 22, making that the second time this year. Stolen items included boxes of balls, appliances, umpire equipment, cleaning equipment and all of the components to the league's public address system - which they only purchased three years ago.

Third time happened last Thursday, where the thieves took more gear and supplies.

 "I felt like harassed because it's not good for people to break into other people's houses and take stuff," said Julian Untalon, a little league player. 

The thefts come as the league is midway through the season, and the team has been spending a significant amount of time and money to fix its aging scoreboard, which gave out this season.

Little League President Lorena Gonzalez says league officials are working to replace a number of the stolen items.

Anyone interested in helping the league can contact her at 998-1722.

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