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New command post being built in Carmel to fight Soberanes Fire

Second camp is set up for firefighter in Carmel Valley

CARMEL, Calif. - Cal Fire said crews are coming from throughout California, from as far north as the Oregon border and south to San Diego and in between. All of those firefighters have put a lot of pressure on Toro Park, which was not built to hold thousands of firefighters.

"Our sections are being set up kind of in front of your eyes," said Danny Cook with Cal Fire.

A new road has been paved at the old Rancho Canada Golf Course and trailers along with resources are arriving to set up another incident command post to battle the Soberanes fire.

"We're setting up two small cities to be able to support all the firefighters that are here," said Bennett Milloy with Cal Fire.

The new camp, which is being built off Carmel Valley road, will be used for fueling trucks, feeding, housing fire fighters and meeting other needs.

"We're very excited," said Cook. "We're going to have some room to grow, be able to stretch our legs and operate a little bit more efficiently."

Monitoring, planning and possibly satellite briefings for the major wildfire will also be done there. Another plus, Cal Fire said it will decrease travel time to the burning hot spots.

"To get down to that Carmel area it takes the engines, after they've completed briefing, an hour, an hour-and-a-half sometimes to get into place," said Robert Fish with Cal Fire. "Sometimes it eats away at the workday and the time where we can be productive."

Cal Fire said they are in need of the additional land after the first base camp at Toro Park is busting at the seams.

"This morning was very congested," said Milloy. "You know there's a lot of traffic in and out of the park. The feeding lines are kind of long, the line to get equipment is long."

With more firefighters arriving, things will only get tighter.

"The road system around here doesn't really have a super strong network of roads," said Fish. "So all of this incident traffic is also impacting the local communities as well."

Cal Fire said it hopes to have the new post up and running before the end of the week.

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