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New Soberanes base camp opens in Greenfield

Closer to fire's most active front

Soberanes Fire: New command base set in Greenfield

GREENFIELD, Calif. - Firefighters battling the Soberanes Fire have a new command base in Greenfield's Patriot Park.

Cal Fire officials say the new camp is close to the southeast flank of the fire, allowing quicker access for firefighters and equipment.

"It's full-on running as of today. They served the first meal in the morning for all the crew near the area," Cal Fire public information officer Rigo Herrera said.

Cal Fire says setting up this camp is not an indication that the fire is spreading closer to the community.

"People should not be worried. It's just there for our crew to support their needs," Herrera said.

Like the other camps in Toro Park, Carmel Valley and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. This one is also well-equipped.

"[They have] feeding trailer; they have supply trailer; they have medical trailer; they have information trailer," Herrera said.

Along with the trailers are more tents for those fighting the fire to sleep whenever they can.

Firefighters are extremely grateful for the community that has come together to support them and make donations. Cal Fire says they are self-sufficient, and they want to encourage people to help those affected by the fire instead.

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