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Pacific Grove city council weighs changes at Lovers Point Park to save water

Lovers Point Park

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - The Pacific Grove City Council is discussing possibly changes to Lovers Point Park in an effort to save water.

Apparently the city has been using potable water for landscaping, a concern for some residents.

"It's very upsetting because I don't think they need to water it with drinking water," said resident Denise McMahon.

She say she's made a conscious effort to save water during the drought.

"I have a dehumifider for my house because its so moist here I use the water that is extracted that way to water my plants," said McMahon, adding that she expects the city to be just as creative.

Cal Am has been working with the city on a conservation project for the past six years. It's estimated that it will cost about 15 to 20 thousand dollars -- but it is still a lot cheaper and less labor intensive than a treatment and recycling facility that would cost millions.

Watering turf takes about 75 percent more water than using drought tolerant native landscaping so it can really add up to a tremendous amount of savings.

Neighbors around the Lovers Point Park do like the beauty of the park, but agree that the city should do more to save water and not use the potable drinking water

The full Lovers Point transformation is expected to be completed by December 15.

The city council was expected to discuss a possible agreement on new landscape for the park at its meeting Wednesday night.

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