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Pacific Grove Has Big Budget To Keep City Intact

City has a million dollars for every square mile in its jurisdiction

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - Pacific Grove: it's small town thing, but the city's infrastructure is a big top priority.

Brand new intersections with bold yellow crossing lines, is the sign of a commitment the city made to the people to address backed up projects.

"The city was under the consent decree, the city went in and passed rate increases so that they could have the funding to upgrade our waste water," said Public Works Director Mike Zimmer.

That means a new $2.2 million underground pumping system is in the works, something PG can handle with a 4 million-dollar budget and grant money as the kickstand.

PG is in the midst of completing a handicap ramp that's supposed to be done near Ocean View Boulevard and Eardley Avenue by February. In comparison, a city like Salinas is definitely handicapped when it comes to its public works.

"It's like comparing apples to oranges," said Gary Peterson, Salinas' director of public works. But according to a report he prepared it would take $629 million to repair everything that needs to be fixed. That's with a staff of 65.

Salinas' public works budget sits at $8 million for 23 square miles.

PG has a million dollars for every one of its four square-mile jurisdiction.

Retirement looms, as Zimmer sits down at his desk for the final month as the director of public works. He says he's confident his small town city will continue to thrive and focus on infrastructure.

Zimmer began as the director in 2010 and will leave office by Jan. 31st. There will be an interim director until a permanent replacement is hired.

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