Monterey County

Pacific Grove waiting for Measure X reimbursement

Project Bella developer owes nearly $80,000

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - The City of Pacific Grove is waiting to receive nearly $80,000 from the developer of the Project Bella luxury hotel project. The money would cover the cost of last April's Measure X special election.

Domain Hospitality agreed to pay for the special election. On Wednesday, city staff told the City Council that the bill is past-due and hasn't been paid. The city has extended the deadline to August 11.

According to Joselyn Francis, Pacific Grove administrative manager, the city paid Monterey County $79,987 June 16 to cover election costs.

Francis said Domain Hospitality has made a separate payment of $50,000 to cover costs of the environmental impact report. The company is scheduled to make five more payments of $50,000 to cover various city costs including consultant fees.

The City Council will meet on August 17, when it will get a status report from the city manager.

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