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Pedestrians vs. bikers on the Monterey Coast

Controversy over Pacific Grove trail

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. -  A popular recreational trail from Pacific Grove to Monterey has become a path of controversy.  You could call what's happening there a clash between pedestrians, and cyclists.

Joshua Lum, a nearby resident runs the trail frequently. "I just get the usual biker yelling at us or just a tourist crossing the road, it gets frustrating but you just gotta deal with it."
The trail is designed for walkers and cyclists- but that's where the frustration comes in. City Manager Tom Frutchey says making room for everyone on this path isn't as simple as it may seem
Frutchey said,"There's two basic approaches, one is it's mixed, and the other is you try to separate the pedestrians and cyclists and strollers."

Because fast riders and slow walkers sometimes don't mix, right now for the cyclists, especially those who want to pick up some speed, their alternative is Oceanview Blvd to avoid all the foot traffic on the rec trail.

That doesn't mean bikers can't use the rec trail between the aquarium and Lovers Point.  The plan for now is to encourage them to ride with caution, and expect the same from pedestrians.

Also expressing concern over the dispute is  Nita Lemaski who uses the trail to ride her bike. "Walkers know that they should be walking on the right, and people are going to be passing them on the left so they shouldn't be going the wrong way on the street."

Lum said, "Often times runners get in trouble with tourists who are walking rather slow, then we have to go into the bikers lane and then the bikers get mad, so there's always conflict there."
How to lessen the conflict?  The pedestrians and bikers' we spoke to do agree on one thing-- better signage may be a positive step on the road to a solution.

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