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Pickleball may ping pong into Monterey

Demand for ''Pickleball'' hits Monterey

MONTEREY, Calif. - This week, Monterey discussed the idea of bringing dedicated pickleball courts to the city as a part of the parks and recreation master plan.   

Many who play the game think the name, pickleball, doesn't do it justice.

"It's fun, it has an appeal to everybody," said Judy Dow, a pickleball enthusiast who has taught both kids and adults to play the game.

The growing sport is sort of like tennis, except with a smaller court, a whiffle like ball and lightweight paddles. The only challenge is that there's nowhere to play in Monterey, but the city is looking to change that.

"Moving in a direction that we can get some courts here in Monterey so people can play," said Dow, "they can learn the sport and we can grow the sport."

The master plan isn't just about pickleball though, it includes a teen center, a competitive swimming pool, and a multi-field sports complex.

"We actually interviewed several of the community so we got their input on what they'd like to see," said Cindy Vierra, Recreation and Community Services Manager with Monterey.

The city has also looked to other communities to get creative on how to encourage people to get outside, it's all part of their motto, "Parks Make Life Better". 

"In our mission statement we are really focusing on getting people outside," said Vierra, "not only to help with stress levels but to help with fitness."

Pickleball can be played on any tennis court, just with the right lines and netting. Within the next two weeks the tennis courts at Via Paraiso Park will be the spot to play pickleball in Monterey.

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