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#PositiveLocalNews: More Than A Game For Alisal Trojans

The Trojans' winning streak since 2010 remains intact at 55

More is More Than A Game For Alisal Trojans

SALINAS, Calif. - Last Wednesday, the Alisal High School Boys Varsity Soccer team went down to Los Angeles and tied the number one team in the state, San Clemente.

The Trojans' winning streak since 2010 remains intact at 55, but the team says they came away with so much more than just the game.

"It makes you feel good because you know the doors are opening up for Alisal and East Salinas and out community," said Andy Camacho, senior goalkeeper.

Some of the players had never been outside of Salinas. In addition to getting the "big city" feel, the team also got a guided tour of the UCLA campus.

"You know it's like first hand and you finally feel what it really feels like," Camacho said. "Not just hearing it from somebody else or seeing it in a book."

But the treats didn't stop there; there were also college recruiters at the game from UCLA and California State University, Fullerton. They were there watching the number two team in state and number four team in the nation, Alisal Trojans.

"It gives you more of an adrenaline rush and makes you feel like you want to show them how good you are," Camacho said.

The team says they were one blown call away from being crowned the number one team in the state. Alisal was up 1-0 until San Clemente tied it in the second half. The only problem, Alisal says, was that San Clemente's player was offside when he scored the goal.

The referee admitted he was out of position to make the call as the San Clemente player scored the goal by hanging out behind the goalkeeper, Camacho, and tipping the ball in.

Regardless, Alisal High says they put the soccer team's name on the map. Highly ranked teams in the country are calling coach Mark Cisneros wanting to compete with the Trojans.

"That makes us feel good because you know that you're known now not for the bad stuff but all the good reasons," Camacho said.

The team almost didn't make it to Los Angeles due to budget reasons. They received a big boost by the Salinas Rotary Club donating $2,000. Overall, they were able to raise $3,000.

Cisneros says they will continue to look for fundraising options throughout the regular season.

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