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#PositiveLocalnews: Website Helps to Fund Dog's Cancer Treatment

Website Helps to Fund Dog's Cancer Treatment

CARMEL, Calif- - One Carmel woman is fighting to save her loved one's life as he battles cancer. It's a story told all too often and it involves pets too. Just like humans, the medical bills can pile up quickly. One group is trying to help save a 7-year-old Belgian Tervuren named Takota.

"He went to work with me everyday in the retail story, and people came to see him. They would come back for years asking me if Takota was at the store. They don't remember my name, but they certainly remember Takota," says Rosa Brittain, Takota's owner, as she reminisces about Takota's best traits.

"Takota" originates from Native American-Siouan according to Rosa, and he lives up to the name.

"He loves his dog friends, but he loves people more, and people want to come to him because of it," says Rosa.

However, this people-lover had to stop going to work with Rosa. She knew something was wrong when Takota stopped eating, and became extremely lethargic and depressed.

"THye had sent in tests and biopsies and found out it was in fact Gastroninestinal Lymphoma," Rosa recalled what the Veterinarians had found.

Then the veterinarians gave Rosa her options for her beloved pet: try to seek treatment for Cancer or do alternative care just to make them comfortable until the end. It was never a question that Rosa would fight for Takota's life, but her fear was the thousands of dollars it would take, might get in the way of saving him.

"On tope of veterinary care, medications, supplements, food it's all really expensive," says Rosa.

Rosa found Magic Bullet, a non-profit, that helps fund medical care for sick dogs. They are helping to pay a portion of the medical care Takota needs. Also, they set up a site where peopel can donate to help saves Takota's life. They donations will be accepted until January 18th. Click here.

While Takota might not beat cancer, Rosa says it's worth the fight.

"If you can extend your dog's life for a year, that's one tenth more of a dog's life, and you can ask yourself what would you do for one tenth more of your life."

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