Monterey County

Puppy Preschool Among Many Classes Offered By SPCA


SALINAS, Calif.-- - Puppies scattered like molecules in a boiling pot of water, it's hard to follow just one.

That's why the SPCA For Monterey County tries to harness that energy every Saturday for "Puppy Preschool.

For five weeks new dog owners play the roles of student and teacher.

Christine Saxon and her son Kip adopted their dog Lolly from the SPCA the day before Thanksgiving and, at 6 months old, she's a tough terrier to contain.

"We love bringing her to the puppy training because otherwise I wouldn't know what we'd do at home," a laughing Christine Saxon said.

"She's my alarm clock," said Kip Saxon.

The SPCA also offers other training classes not just for puppies. Classes like "Out and About in the Real World," allowing dogs the opportunity to take field trips with their owners, classes for blind dogs and "Tricks and Games."

For a complete list of the classes, CLICK HERE.

"It's kind of what you need when you first adopt a dog, a lot of support," Christine Saxon said.

The Saxons said SPCA instructors like Wendi Newman are excellent.

Christine Saxon added that the venue is perfect to let the puppies roam free.

The SPCA Pet Telethon airs Saturday at 6 p.m. on KION, CBS Channel 46.

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