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Red Cross burglars get away with $1,800 worth of property

Monterey Bay Red Cross chapter burglarized, vandalized

SALINAS, Calif. - A group charged with helping people at their lowest point has become a victim themselves,  calling it the biggest blow yet.

On Tuesday, the American Red Cross in Salinas is cleaning up after burglars got away with more than $1,800 worth of property used to help people when disasters strike.

"It's unfortunate that somebody would do this and take from their community," said Michele Averill, CEO of the American Red Cross Monterey Bay Area Chapter.

Averill showed News Channel Five the three trailers that were targeted on Thursday in Salinas.

The burglars got away with two portable generators, seven heavy-duty lights, two car batteries, cables and cots. All of the items were used to aid victims going through the most critical times.

The vandals even tagged one of the trailers.

Normally the three trailers were kept in an unlit part of the Red Cross parking lot. They have since been moved to an area that's well lit at night.

Averill said it's the biggest hit for the Monterey Bay Area Chapter that serves more than 465,000 people.

"It's one of those thinhs that are unfortunate, but we will get over it and we appreciate the support we're receiving from the community," she said.

The Monterey Bay Area Chapter said it's happy it isn't dealing with a major disaster at the moment.         

If you want to donate to the American Red Cross Monterey Bay Area Chapter, you can call 831-624-6921.

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