Monterey County

Salinas fire department warning of fake fire inspectors

SALINAS, Calif. - Salinas fire officials are warning local business owners not to get burned by fraudulent fire inspectors.

Businesses locally have reported being contacted by individuals claiming to have been sent by the fire marshal, fire department officials said.

Periodic fire inspections are conducted by Salinas Fire Department personnel who wear badges or carry fire department identification cards, and drive government vehicles. Fire protection systems are serviced and tested by California licensed contractors, and legitimate companies will typically provide a proposal and draw up a contract for services.

If you have reason to doubt the inspection being conducted isn't by a city a employee or that the fire protection/fire safety company isn't legitimate, call the fire department at 758-7261 to confirm.

Business owners should ask to see proper identification or state licensing credentials for fire protection services, and should receive and retain an invoice. Do not pay cash and never sign a blank invoice. Be wary of service companies that show up without being contacted.

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