Monterey County

Salinas, Monterey Animal Services reduces fees for reclaimed pets during July 4th holiday

SALINAS, Calif. - Salinas Animal Services is reducing fees for pets reclaimed between July 1 and July 10, and Monterey County Animal Services will be doing so through the 12th.

Each July 4th season, local shelters fill up with lost and scared pets - sometimes weeks before and after the noisy holiday. Sadly, many go unclaimed by their owners.

As an incentive to encourage owners to come reclaim their pets, Salinas Animal Services will be reducing and even waiving fees. From July 1-10, boarding fees, city impound fees and late license penalties will be waived for pets reclaimed by their owners. That same policy will extend through the 12th at county animal services' facilities.

Pets that are currently licensed, vaccinated and spayed or neutered may receive additional discounts. Free microchips are available for all pets reclaimed during this time.

If your pet does get lost from home, don't wait to look for it. Search your local animal shelter as soon as you determine that your pet is lost - pets without identification are only held for three business days. Animals found lost within the city limits of Salinas and Marina will be taken to Salinas Animal Services, located at 144 Hitchcock Road in Salinas.

Hours of operation are Tuesday - Saturday from 12-5 p.m. or call 758-7285. The website is updated each hour.

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