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Salinas Police crack down on Chinatown

SALINAS, Calif. - Over the past week, Salinas Police officers have either arrested or handed out tickets to 86 people in the Chinatown area.

The department said police have ramped up efforts to clean up the area.
Commander Mike Groves said, those incidents cover anything from illegal camping to trespassing, or more serious offenses like drug violations to DUI's.

Of the 86 incidents nearly half were arrests and many of them a warrant.

"Certainly get the drug dealers either arrested or completely moved out of that area because that is unacceptable for any community and especially in a really small area, " said Commander Groves.

Police said they are coordinating with various departments around the city to continue the clean up effort and develop long term solutions.

KION's Matt Sizemore will have the full story at 6 p.m. 

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