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Salinas Police Gets Donation For K-9 Protection From Unlikely Source

National Nonprofit Raises $4,000 For New Bulletproof Vests For K-9s

Fundraising for Salinas k9 Vests

SALINAS, Calif.-- - Mary Schweitzer has been a veterinarian technician for the last nine years but a dog lover her whole life.

"I will say the German shepherd breed has a place in my heart," she said.

She owns a 4-year-old German shepherd named Sunny.

Schweitzer may be living in Santa Cruz, but she's making a difference in Salinas.

"I care about everybody's dog who needs this who is a working dog," Schweitzer said. "It could be in another state, it could be in another country, could be for the military, whoever needs it."

The Salinas Police Department has bulletproof vests for the two K-9s it has, but the two new dogs it recently got, are bare backed.

Schweitzer provided the "backup" for this mission by contacting a national nonprofit called Kevlar For K-9s, helping workings dogs with bulletproof protection.

Last weekend alone, the nonprofit was able to raise $2,000 for each new vest. It's money the Salinas Police Department doesn't have.

The bulletproof vests regular police officers wear cost around $700, police said. The reason the K-9 vests cost significantly more is because the dogs need more protection--heading into situations they won't send human officers into, police said.

"If it were my dog it would be like a dream come true, I mean I wish my dog had that kind of protection when I went to work every day," Schweitzer said.

Salinas police are expected to get the vests as soon as they send Kevlar for K-9s the correct size.

For more information on Kevlar For K-9s: CLICK HERE

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