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Salinas police identify mini-mart shooting victim

1 dead, 2 injured during attempted armed robbery at Hot Stop market

Police investigate deadly armed robbery of Salinas mini-mart

SALINAS, CALIF. - A growing memorial of flowers and candles now graces the entrance of the Hot Stop mini-mart, the scene of a late-night armed robbery gone wrong.

Police have identified the woman shot and killed Friday as 55-year-old Sook Mi Oh.

"This is very very cold-blooded," said Cmdr. Mike Groves with the Salinas Police Department.

Police say three people were shot inside the store by two armed gunman attempting to rob the place. The masked suspects entered the store to take money from the cash register but when the registers failed to open, the suspects became upset and one of them opened fire.

"There was absolutely no reason to do what they did," said Cmdr. Groves.

Michael Marsh owns a law office two businesses down from where the shooting occurred.  

"I don't know how many times there have been homicides within just a few blocks of where we live," said Marsh.

Marsh knew the employees at Hot Stop mini-mart and he remembers his last conversation with Sook Mi Oh.

"I didn't have enough change in my pocket, so I still actually owe them some money," said Marsh. "And they just told me to go on my way and bring it in next time."

Police said they are reviewing surveillance from nearby business and are following some leads. Investigators are also looking at whether two other armed robberies that happened the same night are connected to the one at Hot Stop.

News Channel 5 has been in contact with Oh's family all weekend. On Monday, they said for the time being the store will remain closed.

As for the other two victims, one has been released from the hospital. The other female shooting victim, identified as the store's owner, has been transported out of the area for treatment. Authorities said her injuries are very serious, but she is in stable condition.

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