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Salinas says no to releasing officers' names in police shootings

City attorney sites other officer involved shooting cases

SALINAS, Calif. - The Salinas city attorney sent a response to Central Coast News' public records request late Tuesday evening, denying the request to release the names of the officers involved in three shootings in 2014.

The first of four requests states "Any records which identify the Salinas Police Officers involved in the March 20, 2014; May 9, 2014; and May 20, 2014 Officer-Involved Shootings."  

That request was denied citing CA Government Code section 6254 and the recent California Supreme Court decision in Long Beach.   The city attorney said in this case there have been threats against the lives of the officers  and that their safety outweighs public interest.

The second request states "The Salinas Police Department's "Incident Reports" documenting the March 20, 2014; May 9, 2014; and May 20, 2014 Officer-Involved Shooting.  

The city denied the incident reports saying that information would "endanger the safety of a witness or other person involved in the investigation, or...endanger the successful completion of the investigation or related investigation."

Request number three states "Information and/or documentation on any previous shooting incident involving any of the officers who fired their weapon during the May 9, 2014 or the May 20, 2014 Officer-Involved Shootings in Salinas"

The city denied that request citing the same reasons given for the first two requests, officer and witness safety.

The last request states "The names of all Salinas Police Officers involved in all Officer-Involved Shootings for the past five and a half years, from January 1, 2009 through June 10, 2014, including (a) the date and place of each shooting, (b) the names of people shot and the results (whether the person died or was injured), and (c) any additional details about the circumstances of the shootings that are available."

The city responded to each of the following years:
2009: No officer-involved shootings

2010: No officer-involved shootings

2012: Incident Date: September 28, 2012

Location: 1920 Constitution Blvd.

Suspect Involved: Richard Chacon, deceased.

Officers Involved: Robert Zuniga, Mas Yoneda

Incident Date: July 26, 2013

Location: 131 Kern St.
Suspect Involved: Juan Acuna, deceased
The city did not release officer's name in this case citing officer safety. The suspect was a known gang member.

Incident Date: September 13, 2014

Location: East Market St./Pajaro St.
Suspect Involved: Charlene Hale, survived
Officers Involved: Jeff Alford

Click here to view the full response from the Salinas city attorney's office: 6.11.14 City Response on OIS officer names

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