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Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital could reduce workforce by up to 120 employees

SALINAS, Calif. - Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System leaders are working on a reorganization proposal that could mean layoffs for as many as 120 staff members.

Hospital officials say reorganization is necessary to position them to meet the long-term needs of the communities it serves. Officials hope to minimize the impact of possible staff reductions through attrition and separation incentives.

One element of the proposed reorganization is to increase the number of full-time nursing positions in relation to part-time positions. Currently 75 percent of SVMHS registered nurses work part-time, but qualify for the same health benefits provided to full-time employees. The proposed job reductions do not change patient care staffing or reduce nursing hours at the bedside.

The plan also calls for creating specialty care areas, providing more private rooms and reorganizing clinical areas by floor location and department.

Information and details surrounding negotiations with the California Nurses Association is online here.

SVMHS is proposing a redesign of employee health care options, the costs of which would be phased in over a four-year period.

To view the current medical plan, click here. To see the proposed medical plan, click here.

A base wage comparison can be viewed here; and a benefit comparison is here.

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