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Save Our Shores offering tips for reducing beach trash this July 4th

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - Save Our Shores is offering a number of tips for helping to keep central coast beaches clean during the July 4th weekend.

The environmental organization suggests:

  • Packing all food and beverages in reusable containers and bringing your own utensils.
  • Transporting your food, party supplies, and personal belongings in reusable bags.
  • If barbecuing, make sure hot coals are safely disposed of
  • Avoid bringing polystyrene foam items, such as coolers and cups, as they often break into pieces that are difficult to clean up.
  • If you can't take your garbage home with you, make sure to find the nearest trash can or dumpster to dispose of it properly.

For information about volunteering for Save Our Shores beach cleanups this weekend, click here.

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