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Sea lion entangled in fishing line rescued in Monterey

Volunteers from the Marine Mammal Center worked to detangle this young sea lion after it was found with fishing line wrapped around its neck and cutting into its skin.

MONTEREY, Calif. - A young sea lion is recovering after being found in Monterey tangled in fishing line.

Volunteers from the Marine Mammal Center were called to Breakwater Cove earlier this month for reports of a sea lion with fishing line wrapped around its head and neck, cutting into its skin. The fishing line had caused a bloody wound and every time the animal moved its head, it would cut deeper.

Trained volunteers scrambled over slippery rocks to rescue the sea lion, which employees at the Marine Mammal Center have now named Shammyrock.

Shammyrock was transported to the center's triage facility in Moss Landing, where the fishing line was cut away from its neck. The animal was given fluids, pain medication and a tube feeding. Once stabilized, the animal was taken to the Marine Mammal Center's Sausalito hospital, where it continues to recover.  It is eating on its own, and employees are hopeful Shammyrock will eventually be well enough to be returned to the wild.

The organization says its rescued a number of marine mammals that have gotten tangled up in fishing line and other ocean trash. It rescues an average of 500 to 700 marine mammals each year throughout the state, for reasons ranging from malnourishment to entanglement, disease and others.

To keep up the work, the center has launched its Dollar a Pound campaign. Every $1 people donate buys about a pound of fish; $10 provides a seal pup's meal. More about the campaign can be found online here.

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