Monterey County

Search for injured seal on Monterey Peninsula proves difficult

Harbor Seal found tightly wrapped in fishing line

PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. - In a facebook posting over the weekend on a page titled, "Harbor Seals of Pacific Grove," painful photos were posted of a seal nicknamed, "Lineman," with deep cuts and gashes to his neck and body from tightly-wound fishing line.

The post said, "This seal needs your help... This is a young harbor seal who has been entangled in fishing line that is wrapped around its neck, crisscrossing over its chest and wrapping again around its lower body." 

The public page is again an example of social media's vast outreach to the masses, to help spot the seal before it's too late. A deep cut into the neck restricts the movement of the animal and the Marine Mammal Center said it's waiting for its first opportunity to capture it. 

The page said since the seal has been hanging out at the Hopkins Marine Station Beach, which is the pupping rookery, it can't be rescued there.

"We must find this seal at another location that is an accessible spot for the rescue team to capture this seal. This seal has been seen at the Breakwater Cove area in Monterey. If we are all keeping our eye out for it we may just get lucky enough to spot it at another location and save its life," state the page's post.

If you spot "Lineman" please call the Marine Mammal Center immediately with its location and if you can take a picture with your phone, please send the photo to Their phone number is 1-(415)289-7325.

If you spot this seal please post here so that we can keep track of its movements. 

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