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Seaside POA files official harassment complaint against police chief

SEASIDE, Calif. - An official claim of workplace violence and harassment is being filed against Seaside's top cop.  The police officer's association alleges employees have been punched and touched inappropriately, while the chief said it's simply not true.  On Thursday night, city leaders are being presented with the information tonight.

The Seaside Police Officer's Association said it first reported harassment claims to a conflict resolution consultant the city hired within the past year.  They said nothing was done, so now they're taking legal action to fight for a better work environment.
"We are hand delivering an official complaint written by a law firm go workplace violence and harassment," said a Seaside Police Officer's Association representation.

The complaint handed over to the city, alleges Seaside Police Chief Vicki Meyers has used physical force against her own employees.  After several stories at the podium during City Council's public comments, I asked Meyers for her response.

"No, that is not true. Not at all," Meyers said. 

This complaint comes about a year after the POA announced a vote of no confidence in Meyers, claiming intimidation on the job.

"We didn't seem to get the level of acknowledgement at that time but since then things have changed, crime has worsened people are now wanting to understand more about what's going on," Devin Church. 

In a presentation two weeks ago, Meyers admitted this year the department has been dealing with more violent crime than in years past.  POA Vice-President Devin Church works as a patrol officer and says he expects the city manager to take action, because the team-building approach didn't work.

"No findings, no difference in the way things are going to be done in the future," Church said.

But some residents said they're pleased with Meyers performance.

"What I know about her is she has been very fair with me and my dealings," said a resident at the podium.

Meyers said she's not sure where the motivation lies, but she's prepared for the city to handle the complaint appropriately. 

"I know that the city will look into the complaints and I do believe in the process and I do believe that everything will be resolved as it should be," Meyers said.

We tried to get a copy of that official complaint tonight.  But the POA said the lawyer isn't willing to give it out.

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