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Seaside Police Approved For New Handguns

Seaside Police Plead for Updated Guns

SEASIDE, Calif.-- - Same old with routine, with the same old handgun for the past 14 years.

 "The gun takes a beating," Seaside Detective Frederick Carlin said. "Most departments change their weapons anywhere between eight and 10 years and we're overdue for new handguns." 

Detective Carlin has been married to the same gun for his 13-year career with Seaside Police-- a .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol with very little accuracy left in the tank 

"Maintenance costs to keeping up the weapons over time usually outweighs the cost of a new weapon," he said.  

The object for police officers is to stay one step ahead of the suspects they are pursuing and right now they can't do that with the handguns they have when they're up against automatic machine pistols on the streets

 One gun police say can handle the array of firearms they've confiscated is a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol.

"Larger caliber better accuracy, larger round, better all around, the bigger the better," he said.

What's also bigger and better is the city's budget--balanced for the first time in six years.  All thanks to the city's increase in car sales.

"The city of Seaside over 50 percent of that sales tax does come from automobile sales, " said City Manager John Dunn.

The 50 new handguns, additional ammunition and flashlight attachments will cost $50,000.

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