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Seaside police chief faces vote of no confidence from officers

SEASIDE, Calif. - In Seaside Tuesday, the Seaside Police Officers Association held a news conference to talk about its vote of no confidence against Police Chief Vicki Myers.

The Seaside Police Officers Association and the Pacific Grove Police Officers Association said they both voted months ago, saying they were unhappy with the chief's treatment of her officers. They questioned how the city is handling their vote of no confidence. Our reporter Michelle Pulido was told by the city they are looking into the allegations.

Myers is chief for both Seaside and Pacific Grove.

She issued this statement Monday night, calling the situation unfortunate:

"We have many good, hard working people that are committed and dedicated to our community and doing the right thing for the right reasons. We will continue to focus and build upon the good things we are doing, while addressing any concerns our members have," said Myers.

Seaside city manager John Dunn released a memo Tuesday addressing the situation., and stating that he believes the city has taken the department's complaints seriously. Additionally, he wrote that he supports Chief Myers.

"She has what I look for in a Department Head – honestly, a sense of integrity, intelligence, a caring for others and a desire to help them, a sense of fairness, a strong sense of who they are, and what their purpose in life is, she has these qualities and in her case a broad knowledge of law enforcement, and an effective way of relating to the community," Dunn wrote. "I also have faith in the observational and teaching abilities of Mike McCrary, our city's consultant on the situation in the Police Department."

Dunn's entire memo can be read here.

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