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Seaside students get Chromebooks for school and home

Hundreds Seaside students get Chromebooks

SEASIDE, Calif. - Hundreds of students at Seaside High School got Chromebooks Wednesday to use as a new learning tool, the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District said.

Kaylee Horn is one of those students.

"This means I have a greater advantage to getting into the college, especially the college that I want," Horn said.

The new tool given to ninth and 10th graders is a part of a changing learning landscape at Seaside High, one that is all based on making sure students are getting real world training.

"The workforce now, and really society in general, is needing to have technology literate people," school district superintendent PK Diffenbaugh said.

Diffenbaugh said teaching with technology could make all the difference when kids go to apply for jobs in a couple of years.

"It's really about giving the kids a very complex problem, and then supporting them and guiding them until they find their own solution," Diffenbaugh said.

Students will take the computers to and from school. The idea is to allow kids like Gabby Armstrong to work on group projects with classmates at home and stay organized.

"In class it's going to be lot different because we are going to be able to get on Google Classroom and talk to our teachers and be more interactive based," Armstrong said.

The school said the new technology is huge because many of these students come from lower income homes.

"Regardless of ZIP code, regardless of where they grew up, it's our responsibility to make sure they are successful," Diffenbaugh said.

There still hurdles, though. Not every student has access to the internet. The school said that is something it is trying to overcome.

"We're making sure our campus is open late We are encouraging them (the students) to go the library, but that is an issue that we have to address," Diffenbaugh said

A total of 580 laptops are being issued altogether. For parents concerned about them getting lost or stolen, there's an insurance policy.

"There is a $50 insurance payment the student would pay for after the fact so they can get a second one," Seaside High School Principal Carlos Moran said.

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