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Seaside surveillance camera system going up, slated for July

Inside look at new Seaside Surveillance

SEASIDE, Calif. - On Tuesday, Seaside Police said the department is one step closer to having a better eye the streets, to keep crime rates down.  We're finding out how much progress has been made on a new surveillance camera system the city has been talking about for months.  The department said it's hoping to have several cameras installed at busy intersections within the next two weeks.

So far the server system is in place at the department, but getting access to the antenna is the current challenge.  On Tuesday, Seaside Police gave Central Coast News a first-hand look at the city's new system, costing between $200,000-300,000 for up to 22 cameras.

"One camera talks to another camera and it's kind of like a daisy chain when it goes down where we're going to install them," said Seaside Deputy Chief Louis Lumpkin.

Lumpkin said getting those cameras to talk with one another can't happen without a good connection to the antenna.

"It's a wireless system.  So the cameras have to be in the line of sight of the antennas," Lumpkin said.

The antenna will be based outside the department.  Testing the antennas range will dictate where those cameras can be installed.

"Once the test cameras are in place and once we see that they're actually up and functioning, then we can actually add on to the system," Lumpkin said.

Initially the department will install four cameras like this, then later down the line they'll install ones that look like this.

The Naval Postgraduate School initially donated four cameras and is providing Seaside with technical support.  $100,000 was also donated by an anonymous source.  The department said it'll be a valuable tool in fighting crime on the Monterey Peninsula.

"This basically a tool for us to go back if there's a crime occurs or an incident that we can go back and review that," Lumpkin said.

Seaside police said the system is actually being installed by officers within the department with some help from the city's public works department.

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