Monterey County

Sheep to finish grazing at Fort Ord National Monument

Sheep grazing at Fort Ord leaving soon

FORT ORD, Calif. - The sheep that were brought to the Fort Ord National Monument this past March may only have a few days left to help reduce fire danger by grazing here on the Central Coast. 

"The sheep are going to leave this Friday or it might be as late as next Monday, but the quality of the grass for the sheep is at a point where they might start losing weight if they stay on, so it is time to move them to their home ranch which is Los Banos," said Fort Ord botanist Bruce Delgado.

There is a chance that goats will be brought to the park sometime in August or September in order to help chew down some of the remaining tall grasses that could potentially become fuel for wildfires during these dry conditions. 

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