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Soberanes Fire moving into Big Sur area

Soberanes fire moves south

BIG SUR, Calif. - Sobernes Fire officials said they've been able to contain the northern portion of the fire but now it's backing down some of the mountains and hills into Big Sur.

"Right now, the fire is established mostly in the Ventana wilderness areas, as well as the Los Pares National Forest," said Don Jaques, Soberanes Fire pubic information officer. "So to get ahead of that fire, it's very challenging for us to be able to get crews in there. We simply don't want to put them at the head of that fire because it's simply a dangerous location for them to be."

Officials said humid weather conditions have put controlled burns on hold. On Wednesday, hot shot crews made sure fire operations from previous slow burns have completely cooled down.

"If there's any logs that are burning, we're extinguishing those so we can have a distance of 150 feet or even 300 feet that we know there is no heat or fire activity," said Jaques.

They also used helicopters to cool hot spots and scope out areas where they can create new control lines.

"We are looking for those tactical locations that we can go in and if the fire is coming down, then we can burn that area back towards them," said Jaques.

With the fire moving back into Big Sur some residents and business said they're feeling pretty insecure.

"We're getting to that part in the fire it's where, you know, it's two, two-and-a-half weeks here," said Rick Aldinger, Big Sur River Inn Motel general manager. "So we're ready for it to be over so we can get back to life as usual."

Evacuations remain in place and business is down at least 50 percent in Big Sur. But some people told KION they remain confident in the fire department.

"They're really great folks they take their job seriously and they're doing a great job," said Aldinger.

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