Monterey County

SPCA hosts special adoption event to ease crowding

28 pets adopted out on first day

SPCA Special Pet Adoption

SALINAS, Calif. - After seven large scale rescues this year, staff members at the SPCA for Monterey County have their hands full.

In order to properly care for all of the animals, employees hosted a special adoption event for the first weekend in August; adopters could pick their price.

The organization is caring for about 200 kittens and cats, plus a number of dogs. That's a lot for the SPCA.

"Right now we are very full from a recent hoarding case," SPCA Director of Community Outreach Beth Brookehouser said.

During the end of July, 87 animals were rescued from a home in Greenfield.

Brookehouser says staff members have been putting in extra hours, and they've had to move some animals around to accommodate. 

"We are using our play rooms as kitty rooms to care for the rescued animals right now," Brookehouser said.

The goal of the special adoption event is to free up some of that space. 

Brookehouser said the first day was a success, with 28 animals finding new homes.

The Morgan family took home a brand new kitten.

"I heard about the need for adoption, and that's why we are here," Matt Morgan said. "We think we can give the cat a good home."

The event continues Sunday.


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