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State releases draft environmental assessment of Fort Ord veterans' cemetery

SEASIDE, Calif. - The state has now released a draft of its environmental assessment for the veterans cemetery at Fort Ord.

The public comment period is open from now until July 12.

The 629-page report, released by the Department of State Veterans Affairs, details plans for about 17 acres of the former Army base in Monterey County. 

It only lays out plans for the first phase of the project.

Those plans include a ceremonial entrance and assembly areas.

The assessment also includes contingency plans in the event that human remains or certain flora/fauna species are found on the land.

The complete report can be viewed online here.

To comment:



Write to  Valerie Namba, Senior environmental planner
Californian Department of General Services
RESD-Environmental Services
P.O. Box 989052 (MS 502)
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9052

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