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SVMH ER doctor competing in California Rodeo Salinas

Dr. David Ramos hanging up his stethoscope for cattle sorting

ER Doctor competes in the California Rodeo Salinas

SALINAS, Calif. - There are dozens of first responders on the California Rodeo Salinas grounds to tend to any emergencies that could happen. One of them is participating in the cattle sorting event.

Dr. David Ramos heads the Department of Emergency Medicine at SVMH. But this week, he's hanging up the stethoscope for cattle sorting. Dr. Ramos says the emergency room arena is similar to the arena floor. He's faced with different challenges, and as he said, "it really gets the blood flowing."

While this is his second year competing at the Rodeo, he's been training in cattle sorting for about eight years now. He's also turning his attention to another event, the working cow horse.

"Nothing beats the rush of getting up to 30 mph with a cow next to a fence," Dr. Ramos explains, "Then you gotta dive that horse in there and turn it around on the fence. Fun."

Dr. Ramos will take the stage on Thursday with the horse, Calliope. When he's not competing this week, he will be volunteering with the Medical Committee, tending to any riders or spectators who get injured.

NewsChannel 5 asked Dr. Ramos if he had any stories to share about strange injuries he's seen at the Rodeo. Compared to what he sees every day in the ER, he said there's nothing that has fazed him yet.

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