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Testimony Says Miranda Knew He Could Face Murder Charges If He Drove Under The Influence Again

Defendant Failed To Touch Tip Of His Nose 5 Out Of 6 Times During Sobriety Test

Murder Suspect Admits He Knew Driving While High Could Kill

SALINAS, Calif.- - Linda Williams' family and friends waited outside court today in solidarity for the fallen security officer.

Williams' mother was there watching her daughter's suspected killer make his way to the defense table for a preliminary hearing.

Francisco Miranda Jr., who is also suspected of killing Cynthia Lane when, according to charges, he ran over the two women outside of Natividad Medical Center back in November, listened to law enforcement witnesses recount what they said happened that night, as well as what they said of Miranda's condition after the accident.

Police investigators said Miranda admitted to them police investigators that three hours before the accident, he had smoked marijuana and did feel high but, he "got over it."

He also told investigators before the accident, he thought he saw a box in the street--it was actually Williams trying to save Lane, who had fallen over.

Officers said in the drug test afterwards, Miranda failed to touch the tip of his finger to his nose five out of the six times.

Police said that during questioning the night of the accident, Miranda also admitted he remembered the judge telling him, after the first two DUIs in 2013, that he could face murder charges if he were to get in a car under the influence again.

And now that is what prosecutors must make crystal clear to a jury.

Williams' support team remained eyes-peeled and hearts focused on the details of the hearing. They plan to come every day Miranda is in court.

The defense team questioned the drug test he was given that night and blamed his bad knee and weight on the bad balance on the field sobriety test.

Central Coast News also learned, that according to police, there were at least two others in the vehicle. One of them actually called Miranda's mother, who got Miranda to come back to the scene of the accident, police said.

The preliminary hearing will continue Friday at 9 a.m.?

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