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The support for the Salinas Police Department grows Saturday

Supporters are met with a small opposition group

SALINAS, Calif. - The honking and cheering Saturday was in support of the Salinas Police Department just like last weekend, only this time the group has grown.

"We want our city back," said Ashley Ray, who started the campaign. And what a difference a week makes, the Facebook page has gained more than 1,300 likes, but it hasn't all been positive.

"Everyone is allowed to have their beliefs but a lot of people are making it personal," Ray said.

So just in case, one officer had a bird's-eye view to the action, while other officers drove by making sure it stayed peaceful.

"How is it that you are going to show support after they just killed somebody point-blank?" said Bebette Castro, one of the protesters opposing the police department. The small opposition group blamed the police department for what they call 'excessive force' in the three officer-involved shootings this year.

The Salinas police sent out a statement saying they support all peaceful demonstrations whether they support the department or not.

Supporters said, above everything else, it's not one side versus another. They said they just want their support to be heard.

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