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Third Suspect Arrested for Gang Fight at Alisal High School

Police Seek Suspect in Gang Fight at Alisal High School

SALINAS, Calif. - Salinas police say around 10:00 p.m. Saturday, a third suspect was arrested in relation to a gang fight on the Alisal High School campus.

Police say the three suspects managed to get onto a high school campus and get involved in a gang-related fight after slipping passed a school supervisor.

According to police, the three known gang members told the supervisor they were picking up art supplies when they were let onto the campus.

That's when police say the three started to pick a fight with the first person they say that looked like a gang member. Eventually school officials got involved and tried to break it up and they were left with minor injuries.

One of the suspects was a 16-year-old and his identity hasn't been revealed, but the other two were 18-year-old Juan Carlos Ortega and 19-year-old Jesus Perez Rivas.

Both the juvenile and Ortega were arrested at the scene of the incident, but Rivas managed to escape only to be arrested Saturday night.

They are now all facing charges of battery of a school official and gang enhancements.

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