Monterey County

Two Separate Accidents off Werner Road Tuesday Night

NEAR WATSONVILLE, Calif. - California Highway Patrol officers are investigating  an accident Monday night at the intersection of Salinas Road and Werner Road.

CHP says  the accident happened around 7:20 p.m. and it involved a MST bus and a SUV.  

CHP says a middle-aged woman was traveling in the opposite direction, trying to turn onto Salinas Road from Werner when the crash happened. She has significant injuries and was taken to the hospital in Watsonville and will likely then be  transported to a Bay Area, according to officers.

Six people on the bus were not hurt nor were the two other people in the SUV.

Within an hour of that crash, another accident happened just down the road.

Two cars crashed involving two pregnant women, but they are both expected to be okay.

This also backed up traffic at Werner Road and Elkhorn Road with a white car and red SUV blocking the Eastbound Lane.

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