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UPDATE: Salinas good Samaritan honored at city council meeting

Victor Worden helped police find a missing child

Good samaritan honored by City Council

SALINAS, Calif. - UPDATE 9/14/16 3:27 PM: The Salinas City Council honored Victor Worden at its meeting Tuesday night.

Worden helped police find a stolen car with a child inside on August 31st.

On Tuesday, Worden told KION he did was right and he didn't do it to be recognized.

" I don't think I deserve it. You would think that you would do something like that or do help out when somebody needed help," said Worden.

Worden also said Laura Mendez, the woman who first posted about the incident on social media is the one who deserves the award.

Worden hopes this will encourage others in the community to also help and take action when needed.


A Salinas man will be recognized by city leaders next Tuesday.

Last Thursday, Victor Worden said he saw a post on social media about a stolen car with a missing 22-month-old boy inside.

Worden said he jumped into his car to help look for the boy.

"Decided, maybe I'll drive around the back side because if you're gonna drop the car, there's less people to look around on the back side," Worden said. "I happened to drive past the white car, looked in my mirror and saw the bright green rims, backed up, looked at the license plate number. It was the same one that was on Facebook. Blocked the car in and called the cops."

Worden said he looked in the car and saw the little boy covered with a blanket, still asleep.

The boy was returned to his parents a short time later.

According to the City of Salinas City Council Agenda, Mayor Joe Gunter will recognize Worden on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

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