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Water Rationing In Monterey Peninsula's Future

Water Rationing In Monterey Peninsula's Future

Water Rationing In Monterey Peninsula's Future

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif -  Experts say people are using more water than usual because of the dry winter months. However, there are some tools that can help households conserve water to help avoid a ration. Saving nearly 300,000 gallons of water a year all centers around a tiny, silver device called the Ladybug. And that's just one device of many that can help with conservation, according to the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District.

"The Ladybug is a neat product that I discovered at a conference a couple year ago," said Stephanie Pintar, the Water Demand manager for the Monterey Peninsula Water District. "What the Ladybug does is shuts off the water when it's hot, so if you walk away from the shower it's not going to continue running."

Pintar practices what she preaches. Her house is installed with water conservation devices from faucets to shower heads. The Monterey Peninsula Water Management offers a slew of devices like water timers for hoses, rain sensors, leak detectors, shower heads, and even rebates on water-efficient utilities.

Pintar says water conservation devices are crucial, considering "The Monterey Peninsula has the potential for water rationing in 2017 as we fall off the so-called CDO (Cease and Desist Order) water use "cliff" (set by the State Water Resources Control Board)."
we have the potential of a rationing season for 2017 when we get something called the 'cliff' on the cease and desist order on the Monterey Peninsula."

The last time a water rationing happened was 1988, and for an area that already does a good job of conserving, a rationing would cut that water use in half.

Monterey Peninsula Water Management is offering water-conserving devices for free. You can pick them up at the district office. They strongly encourage everyone to try to conserve as much as they possibly can.


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