Monterey County

Wheel sparks vegetation fire near Lake San Antonio

Pick-up truck's wheel accidentally sparks fires

BRADLEY, Calif. - Cal Fire said one driver accidentally set off seven fires Monday, causing three to spark in Monterey County and four in San Luis Obispo County.

The conditions were so hot, that sparks from a truck driver's wheel ignited the dry brush. The total acreage was at 52 in Monterey County.

Just before 10 a.m. Tuesday, Cal Fire was reporting that the fire had been 90 percent contained in Monterey County and fully contained in San Luios Obispo County.

There were 12 voluntary evacuations. No homes were damaged as each one had at least 100 feet of defensible space around them.

Residents helped fire crews with good access to roads and locations of water supply.

It was a high dispatch situation with all of Cal Fire's resources being used from air tankers, helicopters, bulldozers and inmate hand crews.

Firefighters will be out all night and through Tuesday monitoring hot spots because of dry conditions.

Cal Fire reported the vegetation fire Monday afternoon near Lake San Antonio.

The fire turned into the series of small fires stretching along Interlake Road and down into San Luis Obispo County.

Cal Fire quickly stopped the fire's forward progress.

In San Luis Obispo County, both the Heritage fire and Oak fire are each about 15 acres. Firefighters have also slowed those fires. 

7/714 4:30PM:

A vegetation fire was reported near Lake San Antonio late Monday afternoon and CalFire crews from Monterey and San Benito counties were sending in resources to help with the fire burning near Interlake and Bryson-Hesperia roads.

As of early Monday evening, the fire was reported to be about 200 acres with at least one structure threatened.  Cal Fire was issuing mandatory evacuation orders for all of Bryson-Hesperia Road.

CalFire said there are about 125 firefighters actively fighting the fire.

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