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Wildlife Center at SPCA offers rehab services for wild animals

The rehab facility is the only one of its kind in Monterey County

SPCA: Wildlife Center

MONTEREY, Calif. - Walk inside the Wildlife Center at the SPCA these days and you'll see and hear a parrot named Max.

She welcomes everyone with a loud "hi!" the same way the center is welcoming to all wildlife on or above land.

"We are here to take in injured and orphaned wildlife, our goal is to release them back from where they came from," said Wildlife Director Jessica Shipman.

The center has been a part of the SPCA since the 70's and Shipman said it's critical for animals in the area.

"If you think about a wild animal doesn't want to be near a human, period. and so if we are able to go up there and capture them, that means that there is something seriously wrong with them," said Shipman.

Seventy to 80 percent of the animals treated here are birds. But not all animals are wild. They also take in exotic pets, like turtles, macaws, and parrots.

"We can cuddle with some of them, we can't do that with the wildlife, they are wild so it's fun to have the pets as well," said Shipman.

Shipman said the treatment done for animals can sometimes help determine if there is a threat in the wild.

"We can see whats going on out there too. Whats going on the population? Is there a sickness in the raccoons?" she said.

The ultimate goal is getting the animals back in tip top condition and back into the wild.

"It's the greatest feeling when you know, when you release the animal and you know you have given it the best, you have given it your all and have given the animal a second chance at life," said Shipman.

The Wildlife Center has personnel on call 24/7. They are available to pick up injured animals, but welcome people to bring them in. If you do see an injured animal and do not know what to do, call 831-422-4721.

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