Monterey County

Woman Pleads 'No Contest' To Animal Neglect Charges

Crystal Kisick To Serve Three Years Probation,Jail Time

SALINAS, Calif.-- - The woman selling pets through St. Francis All Pets Rescue and Sanctuary pleaded no contest to two charges of animal cruelty related to the SPCA for Monterey County seizure of 17 animals last June.

No contest is an admission of guilt, according to the judge.

This was the first time Central Coast News got a look at Crystal Kisicki, who had a timid demeanor and only spoke when the judge spoke to her.

She was brought in to the Monterey County Courthouse Friday for violating an order to not possess any animals while not in police custody. She is currently living in Arizona when Glendale police found that she had three dogs that she already owned.

That was enough for the judge to threaten her with jail time. Instead she pleaded no contest, a win in the prosecution's eyes.

"What we have here is a probation term that for all intents and purposes prevents Miss Kisicki from being in possession of animals again and prevents the possibility of this happening again," said prosecuting attorney Brian Jones.

The judge sentenced Kisicki to three years probation. She is not allowed to be in the possession any animals, along with a 10-day jail sentence.

Her attorney Eugene Action said she had no plans of starting up another pet adoption agency after her probation is up. Action maintains Kisicki did nothing wrong.

Of the 17 animals the SPCA seized, 15 were adopted out and two had to be humanely euthanized.  All of the animals came in malnourished and had deadly diseases, according to the SPCA.

The court said she will be able to keep the three dogs she already owns but is not allowed to acquire anymore

This case isn't the only one open for Kisicki. According to the Fresno SPCA, she allegedly had 60 malnourished animals seized at a residence she owned in Fresno.

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