Monterey Pop Festival wraps up, fans and bands reflect

MONTEREY, Calif. - Sunday was the final day of the International Monterey Pop Festival and the excitement was still strong.

"We especially enjoyed Jack Johnson last night and Norah Jones," said Tegan Speiser of Capitola.

The Monterey County Fairgrounds was packed with locals and visitors wanting to hear music that’s both current and decades old.

"I think we need more events where people come together to just be and take in life experiences," said Tara Speiser of Valencia.

It was the 50th year of the historic festival. Holly Carlin said she was at the very first one.

"I was here 50 years ago, I was 16, sweet 16, said Carlin. "Friday, Saturday and Sunday night." 

Carlin came this weekend to celebrate the milestone.

"It has changed a lot,” said Carlin. “It was pretty hippy back then.

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band was one of the music acts apart of the lineup.

"Most of the time we do shows, we are interested in getting people up to dance, move around and participate," said Gregory Davis of the Dirty Dozen. 

The band is also celebrating their 40th anniversary of touring and performing all over the world.

"We've done shows like the Grateful Dead, Black Crows, Dizzy Gillespie,” said Davis. 

They felt honored to grace the Monterey Pop Festival stage for the first time.

"These type of events are important because it exposes the younger generation to the music that came before what they're listening to now,” said Davis.


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