Deer knocks student unconscious during fire drill

Oregon senior suffers concussion

Deer hits student during fire drill

An Oregon senior suffered a concussion when she was exiting her high school during a fire drill and a deer ran into her, KDRV reported.

"I think I got hit in the face with a hoof," student Josie Lemley told KDRV.

Lemley is injured but OK after a deer ran straight into her and she was knocked out for 30 seconds on Tuesday, KDRV reported.

"The Eagle Point High School was running a fire drill, and upon students exiting the building, there were two deer on campus that we're spooked, and one of them ran into a student who was exiting for the fire drill," Damian Crowson, an Eagle Point School District member, told KDRV.

Lemley said she didn't see a deer when she was exiting the school.

"Well we were having a fire drill during school hours, I made it halfway out there and next thing I know I was on the ground," she told KDRV.

School staff called 911 and Lemley was hospitalized. 

"I still don't know how I don't have a broken bone from that," she told KDRV.

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