New charge against former Santa Cruz brain surgeon in child molestation case

New charge against former Santa Cruz...

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A Santa Cruz judge has determined that Dr. James Kohut, 57, accused of
sexually assaulting children with two nurses, can post bail.

However, Kohut will stay in jail until his next hearing, scheduled for
June 28th when the bail amount and conditions will be determined after the
court receives his financial documents.  

Santa Cruz Deputy District Attorney argued against bail for Kohut,
calling him a  compulsive man with money to flee. In objection to Kohut's
bail request, Moore also wrote, "multiple police agencies have
investigated the defendant over the last 20 years" and, "since 1997,
defendant has been using the internet to find new women to participate in
a "taboo family." The court filing listed half a dozen examples where
Kohut allegedly looked to impregnate women to have sex with their

A new victim has come forward from Louisiana, which led the Santa Cruz
District Attorney's Office to amend the charges from 10 counts to 11
felony charges. According to court documents filed on Friday, the victims
mother started an online relationship with Kohut. In 2004, he flew them to
Santa Cruz for five days. One night, the three were all on the same bed,
and Kohut molested the victim while her mother passed out.

If convicted on all accounts, Kohut will face 165 years to life.

In court Monday, Kohut pleaded not guilty to all charges. Also at the
hearing in Santa Cruz Superior Court, the judge suspended Kohut's medical
license to practice in California.

According to Kohut's defense attorney, the former brain surgeon from
Soquel wrote down thoughts of suicide the first night he was in custody
but has since been cleared from suicide watch.


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