New electric charging stations in high demand in Monterey

New electric charging stations in...

MONTEREY, Calif. - Tesla is installing ten new superchargers at the Del Monte Center mall in Monterey. As the more affordable Model 3 Tesla slowly begins to hit the streets, the Elon Musk company is trying to expand its outreach.

Sales manager at the Tesla dealership in Seaside added that he’s seen more electric cars on the roads. Noting that the demand for charging stations is increasing.

“We feel it’s a better way of doing things. It’s a more efficient way, a better and more high tech way of transporting people,” said Sean LaFond.

Whether it’s a Tesla, Nissan, Ford or Honda, many owners of electric cars are happy to see the demand for environmentally friendly cars is up.

“For future generations like your kids and grandkids, if you want to have some type of responsibility in your own environmental footprint, it’s the least you can do,” said Sean Suh of Santa Cruz.

The ten new supercharging stations will be ready for use this August.

KION's Steve Fundaro has the story at 5 p.m.

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