New updates to Lower Presidio Historic Park in Monterey unveiled at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

MONTEREY, Calif. - Updates have been made to the Lower Presidio Historic Park in Monterey.

The park is home to the St. Junipero Serra Statue and has views of the Monterey Bay. Before the renovations, project managers say the park looked like "a used car lot."

Old Monterey Foundation took on the project three years ago and have now completed phase one. A pathway along the park has been added, along with a new white fence around the grounds, benches and plaques describing the history of the space. 

Bill McCrone, with the Old Monterey Foundation says a development plan was given the go ahead back in 2001, but the city did not have the funds to make the project happen at the time. "The city had had this land, 25 acres, on prime real-estate overlooking the harbor. Most spectacular view in Monterey but the city hadn't had the money to develop it. But We have now in three years raised one point one million dollars," says McCrone.

Some frequent park visitors like Suzette Cavanaugh, say these new improvements will make it much easier to get around, "We would hike around here and it was really difficult to hike beach there'd be a lot of gopher holes so it was very uneven terrain, not for the faint of heart. So now it's great to see it ADA accessible."

Diane and Mark Peters, first time visitors of the park say they are already planning their next trip back. "First time up here and the view is marvelous. we've already said, we're coming up next week with a thermos of hot cocoa and i don't know a picnic," said Diane.

Park developers with the Old Monterey Foundation say they are not done with improvements yet. They plan to add more benches and picnic tables in the near future. They also hope that one day the park, will be considered a National Monument.

The park is open 7 days a week and free of charge.

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